ACS Steam workshop Collections

About Our Steam Workshop Collections

Several games we provide rely upon steam workshop items in game to be able to display certain character models or other image type materials generally. Games like Ark will greatly depend upon you subscribing to all of the Ark steam workshop collection items we have ont he server, otherwise it will initialize the download of them when you try to join the server and you will most likely time out and not be able to join. Ark players are highly encouraged to subscribe to the entire Ark steam workshop collection we have provided, then launch Ark and look Bottom Right corner of main Ark screen and wait until all have fully downloaded before joining the server.

There is a button top of all the steam workshop collections that will allow you to subscribe to all of the items at once. It only has to be done one time, then launch the game to make sure all are installed before joining the servers. It's just the way the games work, and by pre subscribing to the workshop items you will cut down loading times into the server by over 50%.

ARK Survival Workshop Collection

Link to Screaming ARKotic Steam Workshop Collection

  • -Ancient Featherlight(rideable)
  • -Cross Aberation
  • -Classic Flyers
  • -Editable Server UI
  • -Scortched Earth Plus
  • -Ecos RP Decor
  • -Ecos Abberation Decor
  • -Ecos Stable Structures and Decor
  • -Ecos Terrariums
  • -Castles Keeps and Forts Remastered
  • -Ancient dragons and Wyverns
  • -Structures Plus

Rust Workshop Collection

Link to ACS RUST Steam Workshop Collection

As mentioned above, Ark is a type of game if the server has mods, the players must download them all PRIOR to joining the server they want. So go subscribe and Enjoy

Too many Rust skins here to list, ACS uses all of these Rust skins in our Skinbox plugin and also for other plugins on the server that use random workshop skins.

  • -De-Slums Map
  • -The White House Map
  • -Museum Map
  • -De-Vandal Map
  • -Subzero Map
  • -Zoo Map
  • -Hijack Map
  • -Pool Day Map
  • -Ecos Terrariums
  • -The Malibu Map

Conan Exiles Workshop Collection

Link to Anonymous City Exiles Steam Workshop Collection

Anonymous City Exiles is a long term PVE-Conflict Conan Exiles server. This server is hosted on a high performance enterprise edition rack with 1gb net and unlimited ram.

  • -Pippi User and Server Management
  • -Stone Statues
  • -Better Thralls
  • -Savage Steel
  • -Improved Quality Of Life
  • -Dudes Delightful Decorations
  • -Litman Item Stacker and Container Size
  • -Thrall War Dungeon
  • -DungeonMasterTools
  • -Kerozards Paragon Leveling 300
  • -Pickup+

Garrys Mod Workshop Collection

Link to Anonymous City AmongUs Gmod Steam Workshop Collection

Anonymous City AmongUs Garrys Mod server is a Gmod Murder server with a AmongUs theme twist. 2 Player min for rounds to start. One player will randomly be given a KNFE and they are the Imposter. All other Crew Mates must seekt he Imposter out and even call Emergency Meetins in the cafeteria.

  • -AmongUs Characters
  • -Map gm_AUskeld
  • -Atlas Chat Content
  • -Vliss Scoreboard Content

CSGO Workshop Collection

Link to ACS CSGO Steam Workshop Collection

Link to ACS CSGO Map Webpage

The only things to subscribe to on ACS CSGO server is the maps. The rest is provided by the server host which is just a few simple mods like chat adverts and a vip system.

  • -De-Slums Map
  • -The White House Map
  • -Museum Map
  • -De-Vandal Map
  • -Subzero Map
  • -Zoo Map
  • -Hijack Map
  • -Pool Day Map
  • -Ecos Terrariums
  • -The Malibu Map

Brief Statement From ACS Founder

Founded ACS In: August, 2012

I value my community and each player. As a responsible community manager my goal is to provide a safe place for everyone to just have fun playing games they love. If ever a problem arises I vow to handle it as professionally and friendly as possible. If you have any issues the easiest way to get ahold of me is Discord: The Family Stone#0400 . Or send me a Email: