Conan Exiles Server Owner Services

Why Choose Our Service?

9 straight years of large community management has put ACS in a unique position of knowledge and experience in the gaming industry.

Conan Exiles is a legendary game that holds a special place in our hearts. ACs founders have followed and worked with this game since 2015.

As of January 2021 ACS has worked privately to create 212 gaming servers. Each one we have created for private clients have been customized to the clients wants and needs. We won't stop working until everyone is happy or amazed at the results. While we cannot share names or details of the private communities ACS is responsilbe for creating we can show you our Fiver Top Seller account with 100% completion and Pages of Real reviews. When it comes to full service with a Professional approach ACS is just the wise choice to make for any whom value their own time and community. With ACS there is no hidden fees or jobs that will lead to other costs, we present the final prices up front and we stick by our word.

Full Conan Exiles Server Build Cost

For Our FULL Conan Exiles Server Build Service Please Use The Paypal Button Above

Full Conan Exiles modded server build.

Cost for Full Conan Exiles Server Build: $40

  • ---------- Discord Intergration so you see all joins/leaves and chat
  • ---------- Full mods install.
  • ---------- Full Pippi panels setup and rates to your specs.
  • ---------- Full central building constructed on map with warp room map room/merchants/thesbians
  • ---------- Will setup up to 25 warps. Each can also include a warp on other side to return to the central server warp room.
  • ---------- Full merchant sets will be setup and sell all items at prices set to your server config rates.
  • ---------- Talking Thesbians will be setup with multiple choice responses. You are able to have them say anything you like.
  • ---------- Thesbians and Merchants will be dressed in kits to your liking.
  • ---------- Kits can be added with cooldowns set to your specs.
  • ---------- Foundations limits can be set
  • ---------- PVP , PVE or PVE/C can be setup with exclusive server times for PVP to begin. Building damage enabled/disabled

ACS Founder's Discord Id: The Family Stone#0400

Brief Statement From ACS Founder

Founded ACS In: August, 2012

I value my community and each player. As a responsible community manager my goal is to provide a safe place for everyone to just have fun playing games they love. If ever a problem arises I vow to handle it as professionally and friendly as possible. If you have any issues the easiest way to get ahold of me is Discord: The Family Stone#0400 . Or send me a Email: