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Anonymous City

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About Anonymous City Exiles Conan Server

Conan Exiles deserved a place for gamers to play without worry of Lagg or Downtime. After many months trying to find a long term home to play Conan Exiles ACS decided to give players this place they can enoy. We know Conan Exiles takes time to collect and build a base to perfection. And no one wants to tame a bunch of nice thralls just to have the server wipe every month or just cease to exist because the server owner isn't paying their bills. Welcome to Anonymous City Exiles! Here you can enjoy Conan Exiles like you want.

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Very Depenable Staff


Server Monitoring Tools


Lightly Modded

Anonymous City Exiles Server

Server Name: Anonymous City Exiles
Long Term Conan Exiles Community
Last Server Wipe: 11/28/2020
General Gather Rates x5
Server Ip/Port:
Lightly Modded Solo Duo Trio Conan Exiles Server. Great for Long Term Fun and Community.
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