Anonymous City Gmod AmongUs Murder Server Rules

ACS Among Us Murder Series GMOD Rules

We would like to not need to post rules for anyone, but some things just need to be said to clearly state Anonymous City's views on things. If you have broken any of the rules listed here and find yourself banned for all ACS game platforms you do get 1 chance at a ban appeal found up top under the Home button. ACS provides gaming servers for everyone to enjoy and the rules are here to only keep a clear even playing field for all. Enjoy

  • 1. Do not kill without reason, or kill your own crewmates!!
  • 2. Do not just randomly kill other players. Try to figure who the Imposter is.
  • 3. Don't be toxic or flame in chat/discord. We can fix things that happen and we will, give our staff a chance to before you blow up on them.
  • 4. Do not advertise other GMod servers/other communities.
  • 5. Do not tell others to leave the server.
  • 6. Don't afk on server unless you plan on returning within 10mins.
  • 7. Do not delay the rounds. ex: hiding and waiting for the timer to go down.
  • 8. Visit Our Discord to apply for Staff.
  • 9. Abusing the content/mods(No matter how little or intense) will result in an immediate and non-negotiable ban.
  • 10. Trying to crash server will result in a non negotiable perma ban.

Brief Statement From ACS Founder

Founded ACS In: August, 2012

I value my community and each player. As a responsible community manager my goal is to provide a safe place for everyone to just have fun playing games they love. If ever a problem arises I vow to handle it as professionally and friendly as possible. If you have any issues the easiest way to get ahold of me is Discord: The Family Stone#0400 . Or send me a Email: