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Rust Bradley TakeDown Guide

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The only aim in Rust is to survive - Overcome struggles such as hunger, thirst and cold. Build a fire. Build a shelter. Kill animals. Protect yourself from other players.

Bradley Presence

The Bradley APC is an NPC-controlled Infantry Fighting Vehicle hazard which patrols the Rocket Launch Site and the Materials Extraction Site (Hapis Island only). It is designed as a counterweight to the richness of the loot and seems likely to displace that Monument from favor with players who cannot deal with its challenges.

Harvest That Tank!

The remains of the Bradley APC can also be harvested using any Pickaxe and will yield Charcoal, Metal Fragments and High Quality Metal. It is highly recommended to build a temporary 1x2 base nearby with a bed, TC, and boxes for food, water, medical supplies, and several radiation suits.

Ammo Needed

Breakdown of the Ammo needed to destroy the Bradley Tank which spawns with default Health of 1,000HP: 3 C4 / 11 Basic Rockets / 7 High Velocity Rockets / 573 Explisive Ammo using 3-AK47's (2 will break) / 580 Explosive Ammo using M249 /

Hut Hideout Method

The road that connects the launch area to the building area has a gateway with concrete barriers and metal posts. This gateway has a "hut" with glass windows in it. The APC CANNOT see you through those windows. Get in the hut. Either grab the APC's attention or just wait. When the APC comes along, crouch, side-strafe out of the door, and then loft a single C4 at an angle of about 30 degrees onto the APC as it goes by. When the 1st one blows, the APC may turn around and come back to facilitate the next charge. If it doesn't turn around, just wait for it to come back. It is quite possible to kill the APC in this manner without ever being seen, much less targeted by the APC. Just another day at the office.
Explosive Satchels
AK47 Expliosive Ammo
M249 Explosive Ammo
F1 Grenades
Beancan Grenande


Definetly the cheapest and easiest way to defeat the bradley, but you need to be very careful not to die and lose your C4 while sneaking up to the tank to place your C4.


Basic Rockets

Rocket Laucnhers have the longest reload time other than the M249. Duck while reloading then pop out for that sweet shot. Bring extra rockets in case you miss.


High Velocity Rockets

4 Less Rockets than using Basic Rockets. Bring extra rockets in case you miss.


M249 Explosive 5.56

M249 while powerfull will be difficult to hold it down and not miss half your shots.


F1 grenade

Takes 40 F1 Grenandes, but Kobe himself couldn't land all 40 without missing. You better bring EXTRA!!


Explosive Satchels

Satchel Charges are known for some being Duds, bring Extra!


Beancan Grenande

You will need to land 191 of these expliosive Beancans to destroy the Bradely!!


AK47 Explosive 5.56

Ok going at the Bradley Tank with a gun is going to take some skill. Make sure to clear the area of other NPC's prior to starting the Bradley fight to decrease chance of one sneaking up on you.