ACS Rust Server Owner Services

Why Choose Our Service?

9 straight years of large community management has put ACS in a unique position of knowledge and experience in the gaming industry.

Rust and Oxide do server updates Every First Thursday of Every MONTH. Which for server owners means you will need to stop your server and perform the updates in order for players to be able play on your servers.

If you own a Rust server now you know when that update comes out, you may be busy/at work or just not available. Your community will be un joinable until the update is performed and you may come back to discord with a ton of messages from players trying to join.

For a new growing community, downtime and a server that is not joinable comes with the cost of playerbase. And that's just not what a growing community needs or wants.

As of January 2021 ACS has worked privately to create 212 Rust servers. Each one we have created for private clients have been customized to the clients wants and needs. We won't stop working until everyone is happy or amazed at the results. While we cannot share names or details of the private communities ACS is responsilbe for creating we can show you our Fiver Top Seller account with 100% completion and Pages of Real reviews. When it comes to full service with a Professional approach ACS is just the wise choice to make for any whom value their own time and community. With ACS there is no hidden fees or jobs that will lead to other costs, we present the final prices up front and we stick by our word.

Full Rust Server

For Our FULL Rust Server Build Service Please Use The Paypal Button Above

ACS Founder offers this service to Rust Server owners. This offer is for a Full Rust Server build from A to Z. All Kits/Ranks/Plugins/Permissions/Logos/Server Tags/Description/Discord Link will be fully configured for you to your design specs. You simple provide all the nec information we will need to begin the job and within 4 - 8 hours you will have a turn key cusomized server playable for years.

Cost for Full Rust Server Build: $65

The contact information of the Authorized Anonymous City Servers Agent for notice of claims or questions is:

ACS Founder's Discord Id: The Family Stone#0400

****REQUIRED**** PLEASE FILL THIS FORM OUT -----> Full Server Build Form

Auto Wipe/Update Service

For Our Automatic Monthly Updates and Wipe Service Please Use The Paypal Button Above

Price: $10 usd to get started , then $5 per month afterwards until stopped


With this Automatic Rust Update/Wipe Service you will have the peace of mind knowing your Rust Server will always stay up to date and your players will have little to no downtime. ACS will automatically Update your Rust server monthly exactly on the Rust Dev Force Update days which are always the First Thursday of Every Month. We will use the map list you provide to us in the form above and automatically apply a new map from your list each wipe. We will go in order of the map list you provide to us even custom maps (for custom maps we will require a dropbox direct link to the maps so we can place them on your server). For procedural/barren/hapis regualr Rust map types simply place the links to the 12 maps you want in the form and we will store the info and go in order. You can mix in custom maps with these and always know what map you are running each month for 12 months in advance. We do require all 12 months filled out even if you may not be sure if you will use our service for 12 months.

FAQ: "What if Rust does multiple updates, some months they do 4 or more to patch bugs?" ANSWER: "Once the month's first Rust/Oxide updates push out ACS will update your server. We realise they often perform multiple updates as the days progress and sometimes multiple updates per month. We will keep your server updated with EVERY update Rust or Oxide pushes out. You will not pay any extra, this is expected as part of the service to keep up wth updates and keep the servers updated/online and playable."

FAQ: "I want to wipe my servers weekly or bi-weekly, do you cover that? ANSWER: "At this time we only offer the monthly wipes and update schedules. Keep in touch as we are always growing and developing new methods of providing all of our customers high quality results."

FAQ: "How much is the auto wipe service?" ANSWER: "This service is $5 usd per month with a $5 downpayment to get you started and keep it 1 month in advance at all times. Total $10 to get started and auto billed at $5 per month until stopped."

FAQ: "What Server Info do you need to be able Update and Wipe my Rust server?" ANSWER: "We will require a SUB Account created on your game host with access to the game server panel to be able to perform the updates and wipes. We will not need the main account information and legally due to privacy concerns cannot accept a main login, we will Require you to create a sub account for us."

FAQ: "I change my own maps will you still do the updates?" ANSWER: "Yes, if you only require us to keep the Rust and Oxide updated we will do that with this package, please just explain that in the form when you fill it out and order."

Raidable Bases Plugin Fully Configured

Price Varies Per Tier:

PACK1: 10 Bases (2Per Tier) = $20

PACK2: 25 Bases (5Per Tier) $35

PACK3: 50 Bases (10Per Tier) $45

View ALL 50 Base Designs We Own Here

ACS has maticulously gone over the loot tables in this setup to ensure the raids are profitable slightly but not OP.

This service will provide server owners with a Turn Key fully working Raidable Base setup.

FAQ: How is the LOOT? ANSWER: We have spent many hours and effort into making this loot table something to be proud of. All tiers will spawn with loot in boxes that will make the raids profitable yet not too OP. Your players will LOVE this.

FAQ: Can i see the bases before i purchase this? ANSWER: Yes of course. ACS has a official Steam Workshop collection built specifically for this. The collection is private and invite only. To view it please add the ACS Founder on Discord here: The Family Stone#0400


Quest Build: = $30

Fully Functional Quest Sytem For Rust

This service comes with a prebuilt Quest Building able to Paste anywhere on your map and a fully configured Quest System.

FAQ: Will you set this up on my server for me? ANSWER: Yes, i will require temp Admin priveleges and the server connection info.

FAQ: If i change maps will my quest auto appear on the new map? ANSWER: No, each quest setup is set per map and would need to be repasted.

FAQ: What all plugins do i need? ANSWER: Waypoints/No Decay/Quest/Pathfinding

Fully Setup Server Rewards

Server Rewards All Items And Prices Shown Here: = $10

Server Rewards All Items BUT You Pick All Prices: = $20

Fully Functional Server Rewards In Game Shop For Rust

This service comes with a prebuilt Server Rewards Shop containing nearly every item in Rust! Extreme Detail has been laid out to ensure full coverage of items and pricing. Server Rewards can work off RP or Economics (you get to pick)

View Pics of the Server Rewards Finished Product Here

View the Full Default Package Item Pricing List Here

FAQ: Will you set this up on my server for me? ANSWER: Yes, i will require temp Admin priveleges and the server connection info.

FAQ: If i change maps will my Server Rewards auto appear on the new map? ANSWER: Yes, Server Rewards will continue being the same store even after wipes. It is also setup by default to retain all players balance after wipes, but we can turn that portion off if you like.

FAQ: What all plugins do i need? ANSWER: Server Rewards Plugin found on Umod here:

Custom Rust Icons and Skins

Custom Made Rust Icons: = $5 Each minimum order: $20

We can use any image to generate a in game Rust icon for you.

This is a unique service which offers server owners a way to work in those small critical details not many others are capable of. You can now have custom icons for just about any item in game. You can use these skinids anywhere in any plugin that calls for a skinid.

Your own imagination is the only limit. We have created atm machines with credit cards/coins and piles of cash to custom drugs and alcohol icons for exclusive plugins. Sky is the limit.

Here is a steam workshop custom rust skin collection we posted just for display and testing
Preview All our Custom Skins/Icons Here

FAQ: I cant see any of the custom icons you made on steam? ANSWER: That is correct. All of our paid and prized custom icons are marked hidden, otherwise people could use or modify them freely. Also anytime a customer purchases icons we mark them hidden unless you specify to keep it public.

FAQ: If i am paying for these rust icons will i be listed as a contributor on steam for them? ANSWER: Yes, we normally list customers as contributors on steam page the icon is listed unless you specify for us not to. Of course we would ask before just doing it.

FAQ: Will the custom icons work in game? ANSWER: Absolutely, in fact you should visit the public collection we listed above and just try some before you buy. They will work in skinbox or any plugin that uses skin id for items.

Brief Statement From ACS Founder

Founded ACS In: August, 2012

I value my community and each player. As a responsible community manager my goal is to provide a safe place for everyone to just have fun playing games they love. If ever a problem arises I vow to handle it as professionally and friendly as possible. If you have any issues the easiest way to get ahold of me is Discord: The Family Stone#0400 . Or send me a Email: