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About Anonymous City Solo Duo Trio Rust Server

ACS hosts a Solo Duo Trio Only Rust server. Our rust server provides a place for smaller groups to learn the game or just enjoy the game without fear of a giant zerg attack while they sleep only to wake up to a destroyed base that took them a week to build. We monitor our Rust Server remotely (mainly discord and rcon mobile alerts) for teaming and cheats. Players are generally given 1 warning to seperate followed by a perm Ban if they do not go Solo Duo Trio. Have Fun!!!!

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Very Depenable Staff


Custom Rust Maps


Custom Private Rust Plugins

Anonymous City Rust Solo Duo Trio Server

Server Name: Crime-Wave|Solo Duo Trio|x5|
Government Themed NPC's at all monuments
Last Server Wipe: 01/01/2021
NPC have hitrates of 45%-60% highest being at Military Outposts
Server Ip/Port:
Lightly Modded Solo Duo Trio Rust Server. Great for Long Term Fun and Community.
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