Server Owner Exclusive Services

Why choose ACS to configure your game/web/sqldatabase ?

Over 15 years experience in Python/SQL/Html/Java/PHP/C/C++/Lua/Unity/CSharp/VB/CSS/Perl and others.

We value our reputation in the gaming community. With a portfolio of over 2,000 customers ACS has laid the foundation as a Leader in the digital development industry. We don't just build servers and websites, we deliver YOUR VISION and bring it to life. Any job done by ACS is backed by our guarantee to using good communication and professional attitude. We don't just want you as a customer, we would like you as a happy repeating customer who uses us to complete any of your needs in a timely customized manner.

Rust Server Owner Services

We offer these services for Rust Server owners: Webpage to full Rust Server Services Pricing

  • ---------- Full Turn Key Rust Server Build (designed to your exact specs, unlimited plugin configuration/kits/logos/loading messages/info panel and more)
  • ---------- Full Discord Intergration with Personalized Discord Bot (this is included in the Full Server Build, but can be purchased as stand alone)
  • ---------- 2 Hour Discord call with voice and screen share and recording to teach any Server Owner how to do anything you need ot know for a Rust Server. I show you how to wipe the server/how to change maps/how to edit plugins. I answer and show you answers to any questions you may have within our 2 hours time. After the session i provide you with the recording of the session for your private use.
  • ---------- RAIDABLE BASES full setup. We offer several different packages with this. All bases prebuilt all with Loot and NPCs defending them. This is a turn key installation for Rust Servers. This package is a stand alone service not included with any other pack. Raidable Bases is sold as a Premium Version with 5 tiers or Free version on umod with 1 tier. You MUST own your own copy of Raidable Bases in order for ACS to do work on that, ACS will NOT supply paid plugins to anyone ever.
  • ---------- Rust Quests system. Fully automated Quest system for Rust. Comes with a prebuilt quest building on copy/paste. NPCs will be in the building and interact with players in chat as they enter/exit its radius. Quest leader NPC will also speak to the players. Fully configured Quests customized to mention your server name in several of the Quests.
  • ---------- Auto Donation Store for Rust. With this package you will have a fully automatic server donation store that will asign ranks like VIP/Donator etc and also give items purchased from your store.
  • ---------- Custom Plugins ACS does create custom plugins, but we are picky about what we will make. Contact The Family Stone on Discord if you are interested in somthing like this. The sky is the limit.
  • ---------- Custom Custom Custom ----- If you can imagine it ACS can make it.
  • ---------- We create Custom Skins and Icons Most of the in game custom rust icons we make are only $5 per icon.
  • ---------- Auto Wipe Service and Update Service!! You work hard, let us handle all those pesky updates so you have 0 downtime.

Conan Exiles Server Owner Services

We offer these services for Conan Exiles Server owners: Webpage to full Conan Exiles Server Services Pricing

  • ---------- Pippi Admin Management Setup
  • ---------- Thesbians Setup at a Admin Custom Built Watp Room for all players to use
  • ---------- All Merchant Thesbian sellers will be setup to sell/buy items
  • ---------- Colored Warps will be placed for every major map area. Each warp will have a return warp on other side to easily return to the warp room.
  • ---------- Server rates/discord intergration admin management plugins and quality of life plugins fully configured.
  • ---------- Turn key Conan Exiles server built to your personal specs.

Valheim Server Owner Services

We offer these services for Valheim Server owners: Webpage to full Valheim Server Services Pricing

  • ---------- Stamina is increased (run further)
  • ---------- Food drain decreased (need to eat less)
  • ---------- Teleporters fixed (you can teleport ORES no problem)
  • ---------- No stamina drain for using building tools / weapons or crop planting tools.
  • ---------- Torches and Fireplaces do not require fuel
  • ---------- Bee Hives produce more honey
  • ---------- Stack sizes increased
  • ---------- Ward range tripled to cover bases
  • ---------- Jeeves Bot will Automatically Repair your items whenever you interact with the workbenches (at your service Sir)
  • ---------- Advanced Building and Edit mode Number Key F1 to activate/deactivate
  • ---------- Timed server advert chat messages. Up to 20 messages you design the messages you want.
Webpage to the ACS Valheim Server

Brief Statement From ACS Founder

Founded ACS In: August, 2012

I value my community and each player. As a responsible community manager my goal is to provide a safe place for everyone to just have fun playing games they love. If ever a problem arises I vow to handle it as professionally and friendly as possible. If you have any issues the easiest way to get ahold of me is Discord: The Family Stone#0400 . Or send me a Email: