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About Anonymous City Valheim

Anonymous City Lodge is a 10 slot Private Valheim community. Anyone interested to play it must contact our Super Admin in discord and apply for a password to join. We have chosen to keep this server private to keep it smooth and clean of un nec builds from random people. The players you see on Anonymous City Lodge know Anonymous City Servers provides long term servers and we all feel secure and able to simply enjoy the game e love here. If you are interested in becoming a Valheim Player with us apply on discord before all the slots are filled.

  • 1. A Password is required to join the server as we prevent un nec bases built.
  • 2. Stamina is increased (run further)
  • 3. Food drain decreased (need to eat less)
  • 4. Teleporters fixed (you can teleport ORES no problem)
  • 5. No stamina drain for using building tools / weapons or crop planting tools.
  • 6. Shared map (if another player unlocks a section all can see that portion of the map as well)
  • 7. Torches and Fireplaces do not require fuel
  • 8. Bee Hives produce more honey
  • 9. Stack sizes increased
  • 10. Ward range tripled to cover bases
  • 11. Wagons can hold more while slowing you down less
  • 12. Jeeves Bot will Automatically Repair your items whenever you interact with the workbenches (at your service Sir)
  • 13. Advanced Building and Edit mode Number Key 0 to activate/deactivate

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Anonymous City Valheim Server

Server Name: Anonymous City Lodge
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Steam Direct Connect To Anonymous City Lodge
Anonymous City Lodge Server Rules